DragonCoke enjoying some fine sugar

DragonCake is one of the four Kings at the Minecraft KingdomCraft Server. He was put into service two years ago and has functioned as KingdomCraft admin all the way since KingdomCraft Version 2.0

Outside KingdomCraftEdit

Outside of the popular Minecraft Server KingdomCraft, DragonCake is known for both his bad skills in Halo and his amazing abilities to create music videos which has earned him more than 500.000 views on four vidoes youtube.(amazing what??, Cake can't be amazing at anything) KingdomCraft is neither the first minecraft server where he has made a name for himself. He gained Lord(moderator) rank on the very popular Minecraft server ImperialCraft and hosted his own server called SpriteCraft.
I haz a Pig

DragonCoke waving unrefined Bacon


  • DragonCake is both very skilled at programming and video editing.
    • His videos can be found under the name of carostheone on youtube
  • DragonCake is known for his ability to conjure up fish with his bare hands in real life.
  • DragonCake is at many times seen snorting sugar both in game and in real life.