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The Amazing Floopguy10 standing and looking epic, as usual.

Floop is the amazing Ranger whos presence is not often seen on KingdomCraft. It is said that he ragequit after he died while mining... And he hasnt come on since... :I

If you see him, that means he sees you. If you dont see him, your 5 seconds away from immediate death.

Floop is very poor and kinda wonders around to different places, even though he has a home. Hes also friends with Seth, Coke, Maria, and sometimes Zar! hes also the sexiest person on the server. And he likes doing art.

Floop is also the graphic designer for the server :} You see the banner at the beggining of the wiki? MESA MADE ZAT :] and more, but I guess they didnt use that :/ he also likes doing art for people gets bored easily and may not do the art at all...

THats basically it. BYE BYE

Dante Done

This is a self portrait :}