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The Testing Grounds

The Testing Grounds is a flat world originally created by DragonCoke to host advanced redstone circuitry. Nowadays it is mostly being used by Sethm007 to create houses and structures

Known CreationsEdit

  • Self Regenerating Smooth Stone House
  • 14x Faster Self Regenerating Cobblestone House
  • Piston Floor
  • Flip Flop
  • A digital clock that has stopped working
  • Super Compact Switch Lock
  • Somewhat Compact Number Lock
  • One way on/off Buttons(mark I & II)
  • Compact Button Matrix
  • Broken Elevator
  • Double Barrel Twin Shot TNT Cannon
  • 1000 Block Rail Road For Achivement
  • Pulser
  • Delayer
  • Boats
  • Modern House
  • Statues
  • Other Random Structures